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General Administration Division

Call of assembly, making of bill, management of document, establishment, information disclosure such as the regulations, placement and the training of the staff, supply of salary, thing about firefighting, disaster prevention
General affairs group
Board of elections
Public information disaster prevention group
Administration group
Driving management room
Government building construction measures room

Plan Finance Section

Thing, decentralization, administrative reform about general adjustment of key measure and promotion, local transport policy, use of national domain, community improvement, administrative computerization, formation, the execution of budget
Planning and coordination group
Financial group

Tax Affairs Section

The levy collection, the levy collection of national health insurance tax, care premium and elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium, land ownership investigation into town tax
Residence tax group
Property tax group
Storing measures group
Land ownership search group

Inhabitants life section

Family register and Basic Resident Register, seal registration, proof, national pension, human rights consultation, consumers consultation, crime prevention and road safety, living environment and hygiene measures
Family register resident registry group
Life hygiene group
Fukuchi service group
Excellent river service group

Healthy employee services

Health promotion, local inclusion care system, health, welfare institution, National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens, care insurance, community welfare, child care support
Health medical care group
Care insurance group
National Health Insurance, latter-stage elderly
Community welfare group
Child care support group
Local Elderly Care Management Center

Agriculture and forestry section

Thing about agriculture and forestry, thing about agriculture farm village maintenance
Agricultural administration group
Farm village maintenance group

Commercial and industrial sightseeing interchange section

Thing about village in good health, green tourism, employment measures, promotion of commerce and industry, sightseeing promotion
Commercial and industrial sightseeing group
Farm village interchange promotion group

Construction section

Snow removing business, council house, new improvement, maintenance, management of road, river repair business, the public sewer, agricultural settlement drainage, housing complex drainage facility
Management group
Construction group
Sewer group


Receipt and disbursement storage of the investments and securities, record storage of cash and property, designated financial institution, making of financial statements, window receipt and disbursement office work
Receipt and disbursement group

Board of Education educational affairs section

Thing about the Board of Education, thing about setting, management, the abolition of school or other educational institutions, management, school meal, school library, kindergarten of education property
General affairs group
School education group
School meal center

The Board of Education Social Education Division

Thing about Nanbu Tachi trace, setting, management, the abolition of public hall or other social education organization, protection, youth education of cultural assets, promotion of physical education, sports
Social education group
Social physical education group
Historic spot measures room
Excellent river B&G ocean center
Townsman gymnasium
Fukuchi physical education center

City Council Secretariat

Meetings thing about adjustment of recording and safekeeping record of proceedings or other thing about assembly, thing about observer of meeting, thing about report as a result of meeting

Agricultural Committee Secretariat

Promotion of base maintenance for activation such as thing about agriculture committee, thing about use-related adjustment such as farmland and foundation maintenance of landed farmer, farming base reinforcement and agriculture and forestry business in specific farm village area
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Nanbu-cho government office main government building

Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Tomabechi character Shimoshuku 23-1
Phone number 0178-84-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Nanbu-cho health center

91-1, Hakusan, Shimonakui, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori
Phone number 0178-76-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Southern part of Nanbu-cho government office share Government building

It is 46 among the Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Okitaomote character offings
Phone number 0179-34-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

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