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Living, procedure

Family register, resident's card, seal


National pension

National Health Insurance

Medical system for elder senior citizens

Garbage, environment


Council house



Various consultation

Disaster prevention, security

My number system

Gender equality

Local action

Health, the welfare

Health, health, medical care

Elderly welfare

Care insurance

The obstacle welfare

Life support, support

Child care, education, sports

The pregnancy, delivery

Medical examination, health consultation

Support to child care home



Children's house, nursery school, schoolchild childcare

School, attendance at school

Approach of the Board of Education

Social education


Agriculture committee

Industry, town development

Bid, contract

Agriculture and forestry business

Agriculture committee

Commerce and industry

Welcome enterprise


Sightseeing, culture



Village in good health

Green tourism

Sightseeing shuttle bus

The history, cultural assets

Art, culture promotion

Leisure, tourist facility

Public facilities

Administrative related facility

Life related facility

Meeting place, training building

Leisure, tourist facility

Education, culture, park, sports facility

Disaster prevention, security related facility

Other facilities

Town administration information

Mayor room

Summary of Nanbu-cho

Guidance of government office

Town assembly

Inspection system

Administrative administration

Public information

Public information nambucho

Policy, measure

Hometown tax


Paid advertisement business

Village in good health

Commerce and industry


Village in good health

With village in good health

Agriculture experience, farmhouse vacation rental

Agriculture sightseeing information

Farm products direct sale place

Accommodation, stay information

A lot of others, events

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  • My number system
  • Aomori region Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Aomori region Legal Affairs Bureau



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Nanbu-cho government office main government building

Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Tomabechi character Shimoshuku 23-1
Phone number 0178-84-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Nanbu-cho health center

91-1, Hakusan, Shimonakui, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori
Phone number 0178-76-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Southern part of Nanbu-cho government office share Government building

It is 46 among the Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Okitaomote character offings
Phone number 0179-34-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

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