About use procedure of nursery school, Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (childcare part)

We start application when we hope for nursery school, the use of Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (childcare part) from April, 2018. Please apply for documents necessary for admission of facility to hope for after preparations.

About "child, child care support new system" about ⇒ child, child care support new system H30.pdf [503KB pdf file] 
Thing that "usage guidance" is necessary for entrance application for ⇒ child-care facility. pdf [573KB pdf file]  

Offer period

  • From Wednesday, November 15, 2017 to Friday, January 12, 2018
    Window distribution of application starts from Wednesday, November 8, 2017.


  • Healthy employee services child care support group (health center)
  • Inhabitants life section (southern share Government building)
  • Inhabitants life section Fukuchi service group (main government building)

About case in hope of the use such as nursery schools out of the town, it becomes presentation to Nanbu-cho. 

Required document

(1) Documents that all is more necessary
 ○Supply authorization (the present situation) application and childcare use application

 Supply authorization (the present situation) application and childcare use application. pdf [391KB pdf file]

 Application entry example. pdf [502KB pdf file] 

 Of omission of entry please be careful that there is not.     

 ○Documents (parents, please submit one of them, either document each.which prove necessary reason of childcare In addition, either document is necessary about share of grandparents when it is lived together with grandparents younger than 60 years in one in hope of facility out of the town.)

Working (when we work at companies)      

○Working certificate working certificate from the office. pdf [371KB pdf file] 
                Working certificate. xlsx [32KB xlsx file]

                The working certificate entry point [215KB pdf file]   

Working (in the case of agriculture, self-employed people, side job)

○Petition for petition for working situation working situation. pdf [387KB pdf file] 
Petition for working situation. xlsx [42KB xlsx file] 

The pregnancy, delivery         


○Copying of mother and child health handbook (page listing probable date of confinement)
(it is entrance from "pre-three months including delivery month" to "the last day in month when the next day on day when eight weeks pass from delivery day belongs")


Illness of protector ○Medical certificate medical certificate from doctor. pdf [163KB pdf file] 
Obstacle of protector ○Any of the following documents (copying)
 We prove certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook, protection (nursing) notebook, receipt of impairment basic pension of national pension
Care, nursing of relative

○Petition for petition for care, nursing care, nursing. pdf [390KB pdf file]

○Medical certificate medical certificate from doctor. pdf [163KB pdf file] 
 Copy of identification of care insurance person insured (thing which received certification for long-term care)
 We can confirm the use situation of facility

Job search

○Copy of documents indicating the job search situation
(job hunting reception desk vote "HelloWork card" notice of interview, notice of non-adoption)

※In the case of reason, job search becomes entrance until principle 90 days. Please submit working certificates within three months after entrance.

Attendance at school, vocational training ○Copy of documents proving attendance at school

(2) Documents which are necessary by the situation of household

Single-parent household

○Any of the following documents (copying)

Child Rearing Allowance paper
Single-parent families prove medical expenses receipt qualification
All matter certificate (copy of a person's family register) 

※In the case of identification of medical expenses receipt qualification possession, Child Rearing Allowance paper, single-parent family are attachment-free

At-home household where person with a disability (child) is

○Any of the following documents (copying)
Certificate of the physically disabled
Mental patient health welfare notebook
Protection (nursing) notebook
We prove receipt of Special Child Dependent's Allowance
We prove receipt of impairment basic pension of national pension

※In the case of Special Child Dependent's Allowance paper possession, attachment is not necessary

(3) Documents necessary to decide user burden (childcare charges)

As of January 1, 2017

When there is not address registration in Nanbu-cho

○2017 income tax identification certificate (parents each one)

(thing which municipality of place of residence as of January 1, 2017 issues, and understands the amount of income for from January, 2016 to December, deductions, ratable value)
※Presentation such as tax-free certificates is necessary for one without income.
※As for the non-report, certificate is not issued. Please ask for issuance after having finished report.

 As there is not use contract of supply authorization and facility when there are lack of documents, defect of mention contents and misstatements, please submit after confirmation enough.

About mention and identity verification of personal number (my number) in use application

 With partial revision of the child, child care support method enforcement regulations, in the case of procedure pertaining to supply authorization, mention of personal number (my number) is necessary for applications from January, 2016. In addition, take documents (notice card and driver's license) which you can confirm as identity verification (number confirmation, identification) of protector submitting is necessary in the case of presentation.
 We have you understand purpose of system, and I would like cooperation about mention of personal number and identity verification.

About child care one-stop service

 Search of service about childcare and online application are possible in mainapotaru.
 For more details, please search in "mainapotaru".