We publish interview which we introduced town development that utilized ocean center of the mayor of Sukenao Kudo at homepage "our town development to ask the top" corner of blue sea and Greenland foundation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and approach to regional activation, hot topic to. Please see by all means.


 "Our town development to ask the top"

Nanbu-cho, Aomori Sukenao Kudo mayor interview 


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 Do the blue sea (the blue sea) and the green earth (Greenland) with place of activity, "is establishment for the purpose of planning upbringing soundly with young "heart" in 1973. We built pool, gymnasium, "B & G ocean center" consisting of sports facilities of boathouse by earnings of boat race from infant in 480 municipalities (now by merger of cities, towns and villages 390 municipalities) of the whole country as "place of local health promotion" for to elderly person and transferred to the hometown local government for free.
 There is user more than 10 million a year in the marine center of the whole country and is utilized now as place of overall pattern sports facility and area community.

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