"We let you break nambu ♡ and hold festival" for the purpose of sending charm of "nambucho" to child care generation, and child care is easy to do child care generation in what we watch, and the whole community promotes "town development" comfortable to live in.



 Sunday, October 21, 2018  The 9:30 opening


 Nanbu-cho Minyue comfort hall & name Kawanaka school gymnasium


 No charges for admission (experience-based corners are excluded branch) 

Event (when we wear the outside and bring, pleasure doubles!)

[comfortable comfortable hall]

  ♡10:00 - opening (Akane kindergarten)

  ♡10:15 - piccolo circus (going to be finished at about 11:15.)

   ※We distribute rearranging ticket (approximately 280 seats) at comfortable comfortable hall door from 8:00 a.m. on the day (October 21). 

   ※To two pieces of one. Rearranging ticket is row at the time of the 9:30 opening in not being reserved-seat ticket

    It becomes entrance sequentially.

  ♡Stage show of 13:00 - nambu nursery school

  ♡Stage show of 13:15 - cherry nursery school

  ♡Stage show of 13:30 - Fukuchi nursery school

  ♡Stage show of 13:45 - Akane kindergarten

  ♡14:30 - Yamadanaka, Aomori study High School brass band club concert


[lobby atrium] From 10:00 to 15:00

  ♡Dentistry consultation corner (Sannohe-gun dental association)

  ♡Child care consultation corner (healthy employee services)

  ♡Food education corner (eating habits improvement promotion committee)

  ♡Emigration, domiciliation consultation corner (interchange promotion section)

  ♡Canned original batch making (volunteer open space, shakyo) is charged

  ♡Popcorn, cotton candy (volunteer open space, shakyo) pay

  ♡Child care throwaway exchange society (volunteer open space, shakyo)

  ♡Day care room (healthy employee services) ※Ten limitation


[name Kawanaka school gymnasium] From 10:00 to 15:00

  ♡Kindergarten, nursery school, child care support center PR corner

  ♡Lucky industrial product (piggyback strings) display

  ♡Toy booth of tree

  ♡It is toy hospital to one of bee ※Until reception desk 12:30

  ♡Hand massage (aroma sheep) once 500 yen

  ♡House work corner of specific difference boy nature

  ♡We play science (Hachinohe Institute of Technology sensitivity design department construction design department volunteer)

  ♡It is ... at 10:40 to play (Hachinohe junior college Yasuda seminar), and to sound - / musical instrument in music at 10:00 made with musical instrument

  ♡Pressed flower experience corner (art center meipuru)

  ♡Baby massage (comfy) for each one time 500 yen

   10:30 - 11:00/11:30 - 12:00/13:30 - 14:00/14:30 - 15:00

  ♡10:30 ... parent and child zunba experience (nanatchi purezentsu! !)

  ♡11:30 - NEW sports lesson (nanatchi purezentsu! !)

  ♡14:00 - minibus clinic (HACHINOHE DIME preparations room)

                       ※Application (in principle team in the town block) required

  ♡10:00 - gender equality workshop ※Application required

        Parent and child de woodwork pre-park flyer [1039KB pdf file] 

        Parent and child de woodwork pre-park application [167KB pdf file] 


[courtyard] From 11:00 to 14:00

  ♡Lord bean-jam bun

  ♡Vegetable garden of forest

  ♡Three trees

  ♡Support center ASAHI

  ♡meikyui**geikyoshitsu by sand garden Daimon (ceramist) (experience charges once 1,000 yen)

       ※We make original plate (dish).



  ♡Story-telling corner

   (library room 12:00: meeting, 14:00 of Fukuchi story: heart full library)

  ♡Outdoor stand (the middle of a journey)

  ♡Soft and fluffy outdoor playground equipment (ibentookkusu)

  ♡Stamp rally (small present presentation amount-limited)

  ♡Article distribution (Aomori administrative counseling center Yamada) for administrative counseling public information

  ♡Daily Tohoku Shimbunsha "derion" appearance

  ♡Pan marukun appearance

  ♡Nanbu-cho child care support "character" name decision ※We vote at child care consultation corner


  ♡It is presented "Baade house fukuchi" dwarf (3 years old - junior high student) all the buildings use ticket half price ticket to stamp rally participant

  We plan nadonado various events.

Parking lot

 Please use parking lot of the neighborhood of Nanbu-cho standing performance of court music comfort hall. (free)

 Parking lot map [136KB pdf file] 


 Let break nambu ♡; festival 2018 flyer [1842KB pdf file]  

 Baby massage fryer [684KB pdf file]  

 Venue floor map [363KB pdf file] 


It is> to <comfort comfort hall

 It is approximately eight minutes by approximately 5km, car from Aoimori Railway Line "Ken-yoshi Station"
 It is approximately 27 minutes by approximately 17.3km, car from Tohoku Shinkansen "Hachinohe Station"
 It is approximately 30 minutes by 18.0km, car from Hachinohe Expressway "Hachinohe IC"
 It is approximately 23 minutes by approximately 13.9km, car from Hachinohe Expressway "Nango IC"