As we accept town prefectural tax report in 2018 (for 2017), we hope that it is declared.

As inconvenient person accepts in the other district on appointed date, please report early.

In addition, person who cannot declare by circumstances within period, please contact government office Tax Affairs Section by all means.


Person who needs report

As of January 1, 2018, it is person with address in Nanbu-cho

One that corresponds to the next item in salary or public pension with income

  1. One where salary payment report is not submitted to from the office to Nanbu-cho
  2. Person who retired by the end of 2017
  3. One where salary and income (business, agriculture, real estate, transfer, occasional income) except public pension were located within
  4. Person who is going to receive casualty loss, donation, medical credit
  5. Person who received payment from two places or more

We bring at the time of report (all the income earners)

  •  My number card (personal number card) or notice card and identification documents (driver's licenses)
  •  Seal (stamp)
  •  We know the account number of bank book
  •  For 2017 withholding slip (salary, pensioner)
  •  National health insurance tax, care premium, elderly aged 75 or over medical care premium, national pension, life insurance, long-term insurance against loss, receipts such as earthquake insurance or certificate
    ※ Thing which paid from January through December in 2017 is best
  •  When receive medical credit, statement (even receipts of medical institution and drugstore can support) of medical credit
    ※ Whole last year which payment amount of money paid more than 5% of more than 100,000 yen or total income
  • ※Medical credit that exception (the self-medication taxation system) is more than 12, 000 yen in target pharmaceutical products purchase costs
  •  Person with capital gain such as land, building understands sales contract and expense
    ※ When we sell land, building to public entity (country, prefecture, town), contents such as purchase certificate of assets for the community and expense understand
    ※ On amount of money, receipt of money day which sold when sold land, building to individual it is revealed (contracts)
  •  Physically Disabled Person's Handbook, protection notebook, war disabled notebook (for the person, dependent)
    ※When receive certification for long-term care, "person authorization book targeted for allowance for disabled persons" (authorized book of healthy employee services issuance)
  •  When receive other subtraction, certificate, statement pertaining to the subtraction application or receipt

Mention of my number is necessary for report.

We raised effectiveness, transparency of social security and taxation system degree, and social security, tax number system (my number system) began disinterestedness which had high convenience for the nation to realize fair society.
For report, identity verification to prevent mention of my number and spoofing is necessary for tax dossier.
Please bring documents of following (1) or (2) to report venue.

(1)When we have my number card (personal number card)
"Confirmation of my number" and "identity verification" are made with this one piece of card.

(2)When we do not have the card mentioned above
Resident's card which notice card or my number was listed in for "confirmation of my number."
For "identity verification" one point of thing (driver's license, passport) with photograph of the face. Or two points of things (health insurance card, pension book) without photograph of the face.

For more details, please refer to my number system.

Report reception desk schedule

Reception desk period

Monday, February 5, 2018 - Thursday, March 15, 2018
※We declare and do not accept for venue moving day on February 13, February 20, March 2.

Reception hours

From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00
※Receptionist may have you turn around by the congestion situation on the day even in the morning in the afternoon.


Nanbu-cho Tax Affairs Section 0179-34-2586

Hachinohe taxation office 0178-43-0141

Date Venue District
Monday, February 5 Central public hall townsman room
Kamikawara, Takase
Tuesday, February 6 It is Kaminakui bottom in Kaminakui
Wednesday, February 7 Flat open space, field ground
Thursday, February 8 Shimonakui, Itsukaichi, Sukegawa, Yokozawa, seitakeen
Friday, February 9 Hokouji, Choshitanai, Sawada, Toya
Wednesday, February 14 Kenyoshi public hall townsman room
Torato, Kaminakamachi
Thursday, February 15 Wild town, Sakuracho, Sakurahommachi
Friday, February 16 Upper Toga, lower Toga
Monday, February 19 Newly-developed land, Morikoshi, Mukaiyama housing complex
Wednesday, February 21 Farm village environment improvement center happy longevity building
Multipurpose hall
Akane 1 chome, 2 chome, 3
Thursday, February 22

Akane 4 chome, 5 chome, 6

It is average, bottom in Akane Higashi

Friday, February 23

Average, rear downtown area is inner in Tomabechi

Tomabechi station square housing complex

Monday, February 26 Katagishi, Takahashi, Koizumi, small Matsuzawa
Tuesday, February 27

Kabaki, Itabashi, lunch ground, Mugisawa, Takita

Takita housing complex, pine

Wednesday, February 28 Kamifukuda, Shimofukuda, Gomiwatari, Tanosawa
Thursday, March 1

Beginning, second beginning, Sugisawa

Kobashi, Hoshioka

Monday, March 5 Southern public hall hall
Futamata, old town, riding ground, Masatoshi temple, Komukai
Tuesday, March 6 Five wards, six wards, seven wards, eight wards, nine wards
Wednesday, March 7 Ten wards, 11 wards, the small Hata first, the second
Thursday, March 8 Door front, Okitaomote, Akaishi
Friday, March 9 Tamakake, Suwanotaira, Aiuchi
Monday, March 12 All districts (southern district, excellent Kawachi ward, Fukuchi district)
Tuesday, March 13 All districts (southern district, excellent Kawachi ward, Fukuchi district)
Wednesday, March 14

All districts (southern district, excellent Kawachi ward, Fukuchi district)

Thursday, March 15

All districts (southern district, excellent Kawachi ward, Fukuchi district)

※When it is inconvenient, we can accept in another district on appointed date of district.
※Because the Tax Affairs Section staff goes to report venue during report reception desk period, please note that you do not perform acceptance at window of Nanbu-cho government office.

※As venue reception desk schedule is different from last year, we ask a favor having the wrong so that there is not.

Person who can omit declaration

Person who submitted tax return to taxation office directly (submits)

One where income in 2017 is only salary, and salary payment report is submitted to from the office to Nanbu-cho

One where income in 2017 is only public pension, and public pension income amount of money corresponds to the next item

  1. It is one 65 years or older as of January 1, 2018 → 1,480,000 yen or less
  2. It is one younger than 65 years as of January 1, 2018 → 980,000 yen or less

※Public pension is not included in tax-free pensions such as survivor's pension, disability pension, bereaved pension.


Please note that you do not distribute report to each family. (we prepare in each report venue and Nanbu-cho government office share Government building)

 Downloading corner

News of 2018 town prefectural tax report acceptance. pdf [1799KB pdf file] 

Income and expenditure itemized statement (the public) .pdf [276KB pdf file] 

Income and expenditure itemized statement (agriculture) .pdf [304KB pdf file] 

Income and expenditure itemized statement (real estate) .pdf [288KB pdf file] 

Statement of medical credit. pdf [324KB pdf file] 

Statement of the self-medication taxation system. pdf [283KB pdf file]