Person who examined emigration in Nanbu-cho experienced life in town for a certain period of time and established "Nanbu-cho trial house" which could feel local environment and atmosphere two.

 Please use one thinking of emigration to Nanbu-cho by all means free as you are available.



  Japanese-style room on the second floor

Nanbu-cho trial house summary



Trial house (Mabechi River, meikyuitake)

The location

Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Chinese character having a rhyme of one of the four tones thin air storehouse 29

The building year

1984 (it has been remodeled one copy a year of 28, Heisei)

Main facilities

TV, the Internet (Wi-Fi), refrigerator, heating machine, gas ring, bath and toilet distinction (with Washlet), parking space existence


※There is no landline.

※The facility is non-smoking.


 Assume unit for one week, until up to one month

※Extension of period is not made. In addition, the use in the year is to once.

Borrowing charges

Free of charge

Use of Nanbu-cho trial house manual [1164KB pdf file] 


(1)You confirm status under telephone or this page, and please submit Nanbu-cho trial house borrowing application [21KB docx file] and resident's card certified copy (abridgment) of all the users within seven days before the use starting date.

(2)We send "trial house borrowing license" from town.

(3)Come over to government office on the use starting date, and please pay procedure and deposit of entering.

 Please bring documents, seal which borrowing license and identity verification which we sent from government office can play by all means.


For more details, please see the following "trial house usage".

※Please read before the use by all means.

 Nanbu-cho trial house usage [51KB pdf file] 


X: It is impossible of reservation


Nanbu-cho trial house borrowing application. docx [19KB docx file] 

Nanbu-cho trial house conduct summary. pdf [528KB pdf file]