1. January, 2018 issue cover

    Public information nambucho "January, 2018 issue"

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  • Greetings of the New Year
  • Topic of town
    Medical care, culture summit in Nanbu-cho
    We win good deed commendation in "volunteer nambu" fall
    The fourth southern part study workshop 
    It commends for meikyuisho recycling-related activities
    Junior high student overseas deployment training briefing session
  • Aomori hot pot pride
  • It is harvest festival in each district
    fukuchi jakkudosenta size harvest festival
    The first Nanbu-cho farm products fair
    namburingo city
  • Village sketch in good health
  • Child care communication 
  • School in the town introduction
  • News from library room
  • "Healthy southern part" communication
     Health conscious investigation (drinking, smoking, dental health)
  • We set up intensive support team in the early period of Nanbu-cho dementia
  • To people insured of elderly aged 75 or over medical care
  • It recruits temporary workers in 2018 (the first half year)
  • News of Mayor of Nanbu-cho election
  • News of town prefectural tax report reception desk
  • Notice
    Fukuchi district entertainment school festival
    Cherry tree new dance society New Year charity show
    Recruitment of self-defense official cadets
    Agriculture lecture
    Meeting of conversing with
    Report of 30 depreciable assets
    About tax on the acquisition of immovable property
    Council house offer  
    News from padepaku
    News from Nanbu-cho medical center
  • Back cover
    Severe cold festival notice
    Southern local yellowtail notice not to get