Nanbu-cho is historical town which developed for a long time as the southern feudal clan birthplace.

With history of nation trace "emperor's age temple building trace which was the North Tohoku's greatest war-torn country daimyo, castle of three Nanbu," we are continuing investigating now and are discovered valuable excavated article a lot.

As it recruits which utilizes such attractive history, cultural heritage, and does community revitalization together, we look forward to application of which is at all interested in the history, with will.


[targeted for offer]

(1) That has resident's card in city area including three major urban areas, and can move resident's card and life base to Nanbu-cho after the adoption now

(2) One where mind and body of under ... 40 years old are almost healthy 20 years old or older together

(3) Person who is interested in the history (Nanbu and the age of civil strife of North Tohoku)

(4) Person who can plan communication with inhabitants

(5) One that has ordinary motor vehicles driver's license

(6) Person who can operate PC (documentation, information dispatch in SNS)

[the offer number of people]

 One person

[activity contents]

(1) Activity about information dispatch of history culture of Nanbu-cho (Nanbu)

(2) Activity about regionalism breeding to convey history culture to the next generation

(3) Activity about interchange, town development that utilized history culture

[activity place]

 Whole Nanbu-cho


 Monthly basis 166,000 yen (there is no bonus)

※We subtract social premiums and provide

[service, welfare program]

(1) Town prepares house. But, as for expense pertaining to moving, life equipment, the photothermal water costs, individual burdens.

(2) Vehicle, PC to use for activity lend in town.

(3) Town provides within the budget about expendable supplies necessary for activity.

(4) We take out (health insurance, welfare annuity) such as social insurance.

[working hours]

 In one week five days (on holiday, it is Sunday and holiday on Saturday)

Application method

Please submit to application paper after filling out necessary matters to following presentation.

Offer essential point. pdf [198KB pdf file] 

Application paper. doc [223KB doc file]  



Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Tomabechi character rooming house 23-1

Nanbu-cho government office plan Finance Section

Offer period 

 Until from Monday, November 13, 2017 to Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Selection method

(1) Primary selection (paper screening)

※After paper screening, in the case of notice of result, we notify of the details such as schedules of the second selection about thing which passed.

(2) The second selection (interview)

※After the second selection, we notify all the second selection examinees in document.