Convenience book of Nanbu-cho living

In Nanbu-cho, we issue "convenience book of Nanbu-cho living" by SCINEX Corporation and collaboration.

As information to be useful for various scenes of life including administrative information about various procedures at government office, local information about sightseeing or medical care is placed and distributes to all houses in the town block and gives to which moved in to Nanbu-cho in the case of transference procedure, please utilize by all means.

You can see "convenience book of Nanbu-cho living" with electronic book

We deliver "convenience book of Nanbu-cho living" electronic book version which you can see at PC or tablet terminal.

You can confirm downloading and usage in page of "introduction of Nanbu-cho "convenience book of living" electronic book".

Introduction (SCINEX Corporation website) of Nanbu-cho "convenience book of living" electronic book