State of Mabechi River flowing through meikyuitake and townWe are located southeast of Aomori and are next to the western part of Hachinohe-shi having population of the throughout the prefecture second place. Plains spread out in a belt, and coastal place of Mabechi River flowing through the center of town becomes the quiet fertile soil.

It faces meikyuitake of 615m above sea level in the southwestern part of town, and rural scenery is blessed with opening rich nature in mountain and river and basin.


Traffic condition

Tohoku Shinkansen Hachinohe Station that started a business on December 1, 2002 undergoes a change of the getting into number of visitors from metropolitan areas smoothly, and Nanbu-cho that is next to Hachinohe-shi can anticipate increase of future number of visitors/exchange population.

In addition, we are running so that expressway Hachinohe Expressway lengthening from Iwate Yasuyo surrounds the southeastern part of town, and it is location characteristic that convenience of access to Hachinohe IC and Nango IC, Ichinohe IC is high.

With the Tohoku Shinkansen Hachinohe Station opening of business, Aoimori Railway Line which started service on December 1, 2002 crosses town along Mabechi River. There are Tomabechi, Kenyoshi, Suwanotaira, three four stations in town and plays a role that is important as transportation such as commuting, attending school or sightseeing.

Town chapter

Town chapter (emblem) of Nanbu-cho


It is design which assumed meikyuitake which is pride of Nanbu-cho filled with greenery and clean flow of Mabechi River motif. Two red Japanese yen expresses crop of rich farm products and symbolize image in the future of town developing by harmony of person and nature.

(January 1, 2006 establishment) 

 The local designated situation

As for depopulated area, the municipalities having out-of-the-way place, farm village area industry, it is introduction promotion district, the City Planning Law development municipality


Nanbu-cho, Nagawa-machi, 3 municipalities of Fukuchi-mura are merged on January 1, 2006, and "Nanbu-cho" (nambucho) is born

We establish flower tree of town bird on January 6, 2009

We establish the townsman charter on January 5, 2010

The January 1, 2016 Nanbu-cho merger tenth anniversary

Festival, event (plan)

Spring event

  • State of bush warbler marathonBush warbler marathon event (the end of April)
  • Excellent river spring festival (the beginning of May)
  • Hase peony garden (the late May and early June)
  • fukuchi village forest walk (the end of June)
  • Cherry hunting (the late June and early July)


Summer event

  • State of nambu summer festival fireworks displayjakkudo Festival (the beginning of July)
  • Meeting (the end of July) which enjoys Mabechi River descent
  • nambu summer festival (the end of August)
  • Southern festival (the end of August)



Autumn event

  • State of excellent river autumn festivalExcellent river autumn festival (the beginning of September)
  • tomabechimatsuri (the middle of September)
  • Southern seven song, seven dance national conventions (the middle of September)



Winter event

  • State of yellowtail not to getYellowtail (the middle of February) not to get
  • Boots ice hockey meet (the beginning of March)





Main facility

 Sports facility

Southern townsman gymnasium, Fukuchi physical education center, excellent river B&G ocean center, fukuchi outdoors pool, oldness and exercise park, fukuchi exercise park, ice rink "fukuchi ice arena"

Community, the accommodations

Agriculture and forestry fishery experience training hall "Che Rius" contact interchange plaza, general interchange terminal "avanse fukuchi" farm village environment improvement center "happy longevity building"

Cultural facilities

Townsman hall "comfort comfort hall," it is the first floor of excellent Kawanaka school library room (townsman library room), southern entertainment Denshokan Museum

Nature, campground

Excellent river Che re-phosphorus village

Medical care, health, welfare institution

Nanbu-cho medical center, care for the elder healthcare facility "hale and hearty nambu" excellent river Elderly Citizens' Welfare Center, health welfare center "village of peony" general health welfare center "yutoria"

Direct sale places such as farm products

Local wholesale market managed by Nanbu-cho, excellent river cherry center, village keyagu of side, nambufurusato product building, fukuchi jakkudosenta

Special product, special product

  • Excellent article for sale "cherry" of Nanbu-choCherry
  • Apple
  • General lek Lark
  • Garlic
  • nagaimo
  • Edible chrysanthemum