Mayor of southern part Hironao Kudo
Mayor of southern part Hironao Kudo

Full name

Hironao Kudo (kudosukenao)

The date of birth

May 22, 1955


 ・Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori (former name Kawamachi)

Brief career history

 ・Meiji Gakuin University law department law subject graduation

 ・Private corporation duty

 ・April, 1983 excellent Kawamachi government office entering the agency

 ・September, 1999 excellent Kawamachi long appointment

 ・September, 2003 excellent Kawamachi long reelection (the second)

 ・Nanbu-cho is born by merger of "former name Kawamachi" "former Nanbu-cho" "former Fukuchi-mura" in January, 2006

 ・February, 2006 first generation southern part mayor appointment (the third quarter, the inclusion of period fifth)

Main post

  • Local governments Hospital establisher meeting supervisor of the whole country
  • Association of Aomori river erosion control's chairperson
  • The chairperson of Aomori road user meeting
  • Aomori local government Hospital establisher meeting vice-chairperson
  • Director of Aomori National Health Insurance group federation
  • The chairperson of B & G whole country heads of towns and villages meeting
  • B & G whole country leader society's chairperson
  • Former Agatacho, Aomori village assembly chairperson