Mayor of Nanbu-cho Sukenao Kudo
Mayor of Nanbu-cho Sukenao Kudo

Full name

Sukenao Kudo (kudosukenao)

The date of birth

May 22, 1955


 ・Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori (former Nagawa-machi)

Brief career history

 ・Meiji Gakuin University law department law subject graduation

 ・Private corporation duty

 ・April, 1983 Nagawa-machi government office entering the agency

 ・September, 1999 Mayor of Nagawa-machi appointment

 ・September, 2003 Mayor of Nagawa-machi reelection (the second)

 ・Nanbu-cho is born by merger of "former Nagawa-machi" "former Nanbu-machi" "former Fukuchi-mura" in January, 2006

 ・February, 2006 first generation Mayor of Nanbu-cho appointment (the fourth quarter, the inclusion of period sixth)

Main post

  • Local governments Hospital establisher meeting supervisor of the whole country
  • Association of Aomori river erosion control's chairperson
  • Aomori staff cooperative association's director 
  • Aomori local government Hospital establisher meeting vice-chairperson
  • Director of Aomori National Health Insurance group federation 
  • B & G whole country leader society's chairperson
  • Former Agatacho, Aomori village assembly chairperson