Mayor of Nanbu-cho Sukenao Kudo

 A Happy New Year. Townsmans are pleased with the New Year with thing to pick up heartily in good health.

 By the way, bright topic that town is energized feels that we look back on last year with one year when it was a lot.

 In field of history culture, triple tower "shoyoto" of Hokouji was registered with country registered tangible cultural properties, and exhumation of fossil and ceramics that historic significance was big, discovery of new building trace occurred successively, and even excavation with "emperor's age temple building trace" grew expectation for elucidation of the future history.

 In the field of sports, we carried out part championship of town in the first overall victory in 6 years, citizens of Aomori Ekiden meet in Sannohe-gun synthesis physical education meet after an interval of two years. We realize that solidarity that is strength of town, teamwork was shown. We realized that it led to big result by becoming bullet again, and, in administration of town administration, vitality by collaboration with townsmans strengthened thought to town development that there was.

 In the field of agriculture that was key industry of town, full-scale cultivation, marketing of local brand-name rice "southern part rice in good health" began. We wrestle for improvement of brand power and active PR with local farming families and increase fans and plan agriculture promotion and will connect with promotion of local production for local consumption and food education in future.

 It is pleased with bright topic heartily in this way, and there is not damage caused by big natural disaster, and it thinks that this is because was able to live a peaceful life that approach was pushed forward with dream and hope. We will make sure of the cause of strong disaster prevention awareness, the preparation to disaster.

 About Mabechi River which repeated the flooding without several degrees, emergency business completed Mabechi River inundation above floor level measures that we pushed forward in prefecture from 2012 particularly, and, as for the assumption inundation number of houses in flood scale to occur once in 20 years, it was zero. We will push forward request to country and prefecture about river maintenance business in future.

 Furthermore, when we turn to essential health, medical care, enhancement of the welfare for living that is security/safety, we take "life support" "to live" in current inclusion care system, and the cause of cooperation of prefecture will develop model business that added area function of "traffic" "information and communication" "security". In addition, of school lunch fee and medical expenses to junior high student is free, and continue system, scholarship system for university student of the medical department, chief for child care environment creation which is easy to do, security of community medicine; will cope.

 We face each other, and, in a certain limit resources, efficiency of administrative function, reduction of cost are necessary for problem to face to carry out measure that accepted needs again.

 About government office unification Government building construction that we pushed forward from such thought, we decided policy to assume the construction ground around central public hall. While we demanded opinion about maintenance policy, basic principles of facility widely to do with facility which became base of town development that anyone could gather in peace, and person of learning and townsman representative, the staff repeated the deliberation, we devised basic plan. Aiming at completion of 2020, we will push forward construction in future while confirming progress.

 We pray to have end spend one year when townsmans are better with health and decide that we push forward step of town as driving force of town planning with your spirit and smile powerfully and should be New Year's greeting.