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Green tourism

Village whole year agriculture sightseeing in good health

About menus of "sightseeing in village whole year agriculture in good health" which we can experience in Nanbu-cho known as "village of fruit tree" of the Aomori south through one year

Farmhouse life experience, homestay

About farmhouse life experience, homestay that importance of hot personality and "food" of people living in hometown in rich nature is felt with heart and whole body

International green tourism

About activity of international green tourism which we utilize local resources such as culture, industry and work on across country and the language barrier positively
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Nanbu-cho government office main government building

Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Tomabechi character Shimoshuku 23-1
Phone number 0178-84-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Nanbu-cho health center

91-1, Hakusan, Shimonakui, Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori
Phone number 0178-76-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

Southern part of Nanbu-cho government office share Government building

It is 46 among the Nanbu-cho, Sannohe-gun, Aomori larger section of a village Okitaomote character offings
Phone number 0179-34-2111 (main)

Guidance of organization, window

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